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  • Salary Sacrifice (Vehicles) PolicyThis policy details the conditions and arrangements pertaining to the acquisition of vehicles via salary sacrifice for personal or personal/business use.
  • Scheduled Drugs and Poisons Management ProcedureThis document outlines the procedures for managing schedule 4 and 8 drugs and covers authorisation; information, training and supervision; storage; record-keeping; disposal; security and reporting.
  • Scholarships for Undergraduates PolicyThis policy details the procedures for establishing and awarding undergraduate scholarships at the University. It also covers general criteria, eligibility, benefits, tenure, selection committees, termination and appeal provisions.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention PolicyThis document provides information and guidance in regard to the prevention of sexual harassment along with clear references to related University policies.
  • Sexual Offences (Staff Response) ProceduresThese procedures provide Western Sydney University staff with the process they are required to follow when a person makes a report of a sexual offence.
  • Smoke-Free Environment PolicyThis policy outlines the University's commitment to the health and wellbeing of its staff and students in regards to environmental tobacco smoke.
  • Space Allocation GuidelinesThe Guidelines provide the University's process for allocating and reallocating space, and for relocating.
  • Space Hiring PolicyThis document explains the University's requirements with respect to the casual and short-term usage of it's space for non-core activities, particularly the circumstances and conditions under which University space may be hired.
  • Space PolicyThis policy outlines the principles associated with the use and management of University space with accompany procedures related to assignment, use, transfer, funding, and management.
  • Special Consideration PolicyThis policy explains the circumstances under which a student might apply for special consideration, the various options that are available dependent on the circumstances (e.g. extensions, deferred examinations) and the processes to be followed.
  • Staff Conferences and Planning Days PolicyThis policy details requirements and procedures with respect to the organisation and approval of staff retreats/planning days or conferences, including entertainment, recreation, alcohol, FBT, equity and OH&S issues and compliance with University policies.
  • Staff Loadings and Responsibilities Allowance PolicyThis policy outlines the mechanisms for recognising high performing staff, and the conditions and procedures under which they can be applied. The policy includes the payment of loadings to new and existing staff, conferring of distinguished titles and incremental progression for Academics Level E.
  • Structure and Nomenclature of Bachelor Awards PolicyThis policy provides information on the structure and titling of Bachelor Awards.
  • Student Code of ConductThis Code outlines the University's principal expectations of students in academic work and inter-personal relationships.
  • Student Feedback on Units and Teaching Survey PolicyThis policy outlines how student feedback on units and teaching is gathered, reported, and utilised, using University-approved standard surveys, as part of the University's ongoing commitment to providing a quality learning experience for students.
  • Student Fees PolicyThis policy outlines the requirements for students to pay student tuition and the student amenities fees (SSAF), and the associated administration of those fees by the University.
  • Student Misconduct RuleThis rule defines academic misconduct by students and details the process for dealing with allegations. In particular it covers plagiarism, cheating, collusion, and other forms of academic misconduct.
  • Student Misconduct Rule - Inappropriate Behaviour GuidelinesThe guidelines establish a framework and procedures for reporting and dealing with allegations of behaviour and activity that can be dealt with through educative and/or remedial interventions, rather than as misconduct under the Student Misconduct Rule.
  • Student Misconduct Rule - Student Misconduct Panel GuidelinesThe guidelines provide for the selection and membership of Student Misconduct Panels in accordance with the Student Misconduct Rule.
  • Student Placement PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to provide the principles and procedures for the approval and management of student placements undertaken as a requirement of a unit or program of study. Students may arrange their own placements or schools may arrange relevant placements in accordance with this policy.
  • Student Representation and Participation PolicyThis policy outlines the University's commitment to student representation in decision making processes.
  • Sun Protection Guidelines for Outdoor WorkersThese guidelines provide advice on sun protection methods and mechanisms for staff, students and any other person who may be exposed to the sun when working or studying at the University.
  • Sun Protection PolicyThis policy details the University's requirements for appropriate sun protection control measures for the purpose of reducing the potential for skin cancer to occur in the workplace.
  • Supervision of Research Candidates PolicyThis policy establishes the criteria for appointment of supervisory panels, the role and responsibilities of academic supervisors of research higher degree candidates and expectations of candidates by supervisors.