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  • Elections PolicyThe purpose of this policy is to provide an overall framework for elections conducted by the University.
  • Email and Internet PolicyThis policy explains the requirements and protocols that are to be adhered to when using a University email account.
  • Email and Internet ProceduresThese procedures provide information to assists students and staff to understand their rights and responsibilities while using Email and Internet services. These procedures should be read in conjunction with the Email and Internet Policy.
  • Employee Assistance ProgramThis policy details the Employee Assistance Program which aims to address any problems, work related or personal, which may affect the work performance, safety or health of staff. It details how to access the counselling support service, the taking of associated leave and absence from work to do so.
  • Engagement of Independent Contractors PolicyThis policy explains how to determine if a person should be employed as a contractor or a University employee.
  • Enrolment PolicyThis policy deals with the requirements associated with formal enrolment at the University: student finance and fees payment; HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP; variations to study programs; the provision of personal information; leave of absence; withdrawal from a program; and non-award enrolment.
  • Environmental Management PlanThis document outlines the University's environmental management programs, detailing specific objectives, actions, key performance indicators and responsibilities for each.
  • Environmental Management PolicyThis document explains the risks and expectations associated with environmental management issues and provides a framework for conducting business activities that supports achievement of the University's environmental management objectives.
  • Environmental Management ProceduresThis document provides detailed procedures covering specific aspects of the University's Environmental Management System (EMS), including; Waste Management Procedure; Pesticide Management Procedure; Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedure; Emergency Spill Response Procedure; Urban Wildlife Management Procedure; and Contractor management procedure.
  • Environmental Management System ManualThis document provides an overview of the University's environmental commitments and the manner in which the Environmental Management System (EMS) is designed to ensure that these commitments are implemented.
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity PolicyThis policy details the broad commitment of the University to Equal Opportunity, defines it and prescribes the terms of reference for the University's Social Justice Committee.
  • Examinations PolicyThis policy provides the principles for centrally administered examinations.
  • Examinations ProceduresThe procedures direct staff and students on the process to be followed for conducting and undertaking examinations in accordance with the Examinations Policy.
  • Executive Level Acting Arrangements PolicyThis document provides the basis for the payment made to Executive and Senior Staff members when asked to relieve in higher level positions.
  • External Access to University Facilities ProcedureProcedures document providing information to assist employees in understanding the business processes involved in facilitating the use of University equipment and facilities by external parties particularly in relation to centralised research facilities.
  • External Advisory Committee ProceduresThe Policy deals with the establishment and role of College External Advisory Committees whose function is to provide advice on the relevance of courses to prospective students, business, the community and professional bodies.
  • External Work PolicyThis Policy defines the categories of external (outside) work that staff may undertake and the conditions and requirements that apply. In particular the policy details the declarations required related to undertaking private work outside the University.