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  • Cadaver Allowance PolicyThe policy covers the payment of a cadaver allowance to eligible professional staff within the School of Science and Health and the School of Medicine.
  • Cash Management PolicyThis policy documents the key purposes and aims for liquidity management activities necessary for the effective planning of the University's cash requirements.
  • Charge-out of Expenditure PolicyThis policy and schedule detail the charges that may be levied internally for goods and services provided by University units.
  • Children on University Premises PolicyThis policy outlines the University's position with respect to the attendance of the children of staff and students, or children as visitors to its campuses.
  • Clinical Loadings PolicyThis policy deals with the payment of clinical loadings to medically qualified staff of the status of Lecturer and above within the School of Medicine.
  • Code of ConductThe Code prescribes the standards of conduct expected at the University and describes the overall ethical framework under which it operates.
  • Commercial Activities GuidelinesThese Guidelines are made in accordance with the University of Western Sydney Act and prescribe the requirements that need to be met in terms of the development, assessment and approval of all commercial activities.
  • Complaint Handling and Resolution PolicyThis policy outlines the University's stance and procedures for dealing with complaints.
  • Compliance PolicyThis policy sets out the University's commitment to achieving compliance in its operations and activities by promoting positive compliance culture principles, and implementing a uniform and responsive risk-based compliance management program.
  • Computer Systems Implementation PolicyThis policy governs the approval and implementation process for new or changed IT systems that impact on the University's IT resources and support mechanisms.
  • Conference PolicyThis policy sets out the University's requirements with respect to conferences that are hosted (either fully or partially) by the University and that are open to external parties. It incorporates the Conference Business Case Preparation Guidelines.
  • Conflict of Interest PolicyThis policy flows from the Code of Conduct and details the nature of conflicts relating to personal relationships and interests, and the procedures and responsibilities related to their consideration and disclosure.
  • Conjoint Appointments PolicyThis policy details the requirements and procedures associated with the making of conjoint academic appointments. Such appointments address the need to provide clinical teaching to medical and nursing students and are made to persons employed at teaching hospitals and other medical research or clinical practice sites.
  • Copyright PolicyThis policy provides detailed guidance for staff, students and contractors on the legal and practical requirements of copyright law and copying limits as applied to the University. It covers hardcopy, audio-visual and digital copying.
  • Corporate Credit Card PolicyThis policy prescribes the conditions and responsibilities associated with obtaining, using and acquitting a University credit card.
  • Course Advice to Students PolicyThis policy outlines the provision of academic advice to students; that is the information given to students on a range of activities and requirements in regard to their study, academic discipline, course rules and progression, learning skills and support services.
  • Course Transfer PolicyThis policy covers the process of transferring from one course (including internal course transfer), or from a key program to another.
  • Courses and Units Approval PolicyThis policy prescribes the guiding principles and associated procedures for the creation, variation, suspension, retirement or termination of award courses and units.
  • Credit Risk PolicyThe University Credit Risk Policy establishes eligible counterparties with limits based upon counterparty credit rating and counterparty assessable shareholders funds.
  • Cyber Security PolicyThis policy is to identify and outline the steps that are taken to ensure that malicious intrusion or accidental compromise of the security of Western Sydney University (the University) Information Technology (IT) Resources is prevented, reduced and managed.