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  • Parking and Traffic PolicyThis policy and associated documents regulate the arrangements for parking and traffic management on the University's campuses including parking permits and the payment of fees, traffic arrangements and penalities for non-compliance.
  • Personal and Discretionary Expenditures PolicyThis document provides direction and guidance for staff in dealing with expenditures of a personal and discretionary nature.
  • Personal Professional Association Membership Fees PolicyThis policy outlines the circumstances under which the University will meet the cost of personal professional association membership fees.
  • Policy Framework PolicyThis document provides the framework for the development, approval and publication of University rules and University-wide policies, procedures and guidelines. The purpose of the policy is to establish standards and formats that make the overall suite of policies easy to access and understand, consistent with each other and also to ensure that they are kept up to date.
  • Policy Template StructureThis document provides a brief explanation of the policy template used by the University, outlining what type of information is intended to be included in each Section of such documents and how the documents are to be formatted.
  • Postgraduate Coursework PolicyThis policy deals with: the structure of postgraduate programs; admission; academic credit; progression, completion and graduation; and the taking of undergraduate subjects. Associated procedural guidelines are attached.
  • Posthumous Awards and Aegrotat Grades PolicyThis policy addresses the granting of posthumous awards, in the event of a student's death, and of aegrotat grades, in circumstances where the student has suffered permanent disability or incapacity.
  • Privacy Management PlanThis Plan details the requirements of NSW privacy law and elaborates on how the University is affected and complies.
  • Privacy PolicyThis policy reflects the requirements of NSW privacy law. It defines personal and health information and summarises the privacy principles that the University must comply with relating to the collection, storage, access, use and disclosure of personal and health information.
  • Procurement PolicyThis policy articulates the principles relating to procurement at Western Sydney University and the requirements that university staff must adhere to when undertaking procurement activities, including using NSW Government or University suppliers, undertaking quotes, tenders or direct negotiations with suppliers.
  • Professional Development - Continuing Professional Development GuidelinesThis document outlines the principles of continuing professional development for staff.
  • Professional Development - External Exchange or External Secondment GuidelinesThis document provides guidelines on applying for, approval of and conditions for an external exchange of an external secondment for staff.
  • Professional Development - Study Visit GuidelinesThis document provides guidelines on applying for and approval of Study Visits by staff.
  • Professional Development PolicyThis policy details requirements and procedures with respect to professional and staff development, study leave, education support allowance, approved study, examination leave, secondment and staff exchange.
  • Professional Staff Agreement 2017This formal industrial agreement between the University and the Unions deals with employment of professional staff. It covers: employment contracts; salaries allowances and superannuation; hours of work; leave; equal employment opportunity; organisational change; work health and safety; discipline; position classification; performance management; flexible work practices; and other employment related matters.
  • Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress PolicyThis policy covers matters relating to identifying and dealing with poor performance, including "at risk" students; multiple failures; conditional enrolment, suspension or exclusion for unsatisfactory academic performance and appeals; and maximum length of enrolment.
  • Public Interest (Protected) Disclosures PolicyThis policy reflects NSW law with respect to whistleblower protection, public interest (protected disclosures) and outlines the procedures, contact points and responsibilities with respect to receiving and handling protected disclosures by maintaining confidentiality and protection. It defines the areas of disclosure being corrupt conduct or fraud, maladministration, serious and substantial waste and information contravention.
  • Purchase Additional Leave Scheme PolicyThis document outlines the procedures for the FlexiYear Scheme which allows staff access to apply for "purchased leave" arrangements.
  • Purchase and Tender Board PolicyThis policy establishes the Purchase and Tender Board and the Tender Committees. It details the terms of reference and the membership for the Board and Committees.