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  • Records and Archives Management PolicyThis policy defines University records and outlines responsibilities and requirements with respect to record keeping.
  • Recruitment and Selection PolicyThis policy explains the University's requirements and procedures in regard to the recruitment and selection of UWS employees. It include procedures for recruiting Indigenous Australians.
  • Reimbursement of Paid Leave Due to Compensation from a Third Party PolicyThis policy establishes the position of the University on recouping an employee's leave payments as provided by the University from a third party insurer, and the associated procedures.
  • Relocation Assistance Upon Appointment PolicyThis policy details requirements and procedures related to removal, travel, storage, and living expenses associated with initial appointment to the University.
  • Remuneration (Executive and Senior Managers) Framework PolicyThe policy was developed to provide a clear policy position and clarity on the remuneration framework for executive and senior managers at the University. The policy provides flexibility for the University to determine remuneration arrangements for executive and senior managers that positions the University more competitively in the marketplace, with oversight by the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.
  • Research Awards GuidelinesThese new guidelines relate to two new Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards: Excellence in Research and Excellence as an Early Career Researcher; as well as the two new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development) awards: Research Excellence through Partnership and Excellence in a Research Interdisciplinary Team. The guidelines set out the roles and responsibilities of award nominees and the awards panel, the selection criteria for the awards, supporting evidence, the assessment process, and reasonable expenditure of the awards.
  • Research Awards PolicyThis new policy provides for two new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development) awards which recognise and reward the excellent achievement of University staff: the Research Excellence through Partnership award and Excellence in a Research Interdisciplinary Team award. The policy sets out the eligibility requirements for the awards, award prizes and the membership of award panels.
  • Research Centres PolicyThis policy sets out the University's requirements in respect to the establishment, operation, review and dissolution of University Research Centres and University Research Groups.
  • Research Code of PracticeThis Code expresses the University's commitment to ethical research practice and deals with matters of: records and data storage and retention; authorship; publication; supervision of students; conflict of interest; handling of allegations of research misconduct by staff and students; and the Integrity in Research Committee.
  • Research Conducted by External Parties Approval PolicyThis policy outlines the requirements for external parties and University members in dealing with requests to conduct research involving University staff and/or students. It provides a framework to ensure that such requests have been developed according to research standards and that the impact on the University and individuals has been properly assessed.
  • Research Data Management PolicySpecifies the responsibilities of the University, its researchers and research students in relation to the managing research data
  • Research Ethics PolicyThis document points to the requirement that any teaching and/or research studies involving animals and/or human subjects must have the approval of the relevant Ethics Committee.
  • Research Groups PolicyThe policy outlines the rationale and procedures for the establishment, operation, review, and disestablishment of University Research Groups (URGs) within the University's Schools.
  • Research Higher Degree Candidature Essential Resources PolicyThe policy identifies, defines and articulates the entitlement and access to essential resources for Higher Degree Research candidature.
  • Research Higher Degree Scholarship Policy - Australian Citizens and Permanent ResidentsThis document outlines the specific Award conditions of research higher degree scholarships (RHDS) awarded to domestic higher degree research candidates
  • Research Institute PolicyThis policy sets out the University's requirements in respect to the establishment, operation, review and dissolution of University Research Institutes.

  • Research Masters (Honours) PolicyThis policy details the requirements related to admission, candidature, thesis, and award of Masters Honours degrees by the University.
  • Respect and Inclusion in Learning and Working PolicyThis policy explains the University's stance in relation to adverse behaviours such as discrimination, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification. It also provides guidance on how these types of behaviours can be avoided and outlines how concerns and complaints related to adverse behaviour may be handled.
  • Review of Grade PolicyThis policy deals with formal requests for a review of grade.
  • Revocation of Awards RuleThis rule sets out the powers and procedures by which the Board of Trustees may revoke degrees, diplomas, certificates or other wards conferred by the University as part of its functions under section 8 of the University of Western Sydney Act.
  • Right to Information PolicyThis document provides a link to information about the right to information at the University under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, 2009 (GIPA) [which replaces the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (FOI)].
  • Risk Management PolicyThis policy outlines the risk management framework of the University including the responsibilities associated with assessing and managing risk.