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Assessment Procedures - Review of Grade

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) These procedures establish the process through which students can formally request a review of their final grade for a subject.

(2) These procedures do not apply to Microcredentials.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) For the purpose of these procedures, definitions that apply can be found in the Policy DDS Glossary and the Assessment Policy.

  1. Review of Grade means a request by a student to review the final grade issued at the end of a term.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) Refer to the Assessment Policy.

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Section 4 - Procedures

Applying for a Review of Grade

(5) Students seeking review of individual items of assessment should, in the first instance, approach the academic staff member in writing responsible for the marking of that assessment item or their Subject Coordinator. Where, after such discussion, the student believes an error persists or the result is not an accurate reflection of their work, the student may apply for a review at the end of the term following the formal notification of the final grade in line with Part F – Review of Grade in the Assessment Policy.

(6) An application for review of grade must be lodged, in the prescribed format, within ten working days of the official notification of results on the web and accompanied by any prescribed fee.

(7) The grounds for the application for review of grade(s) must be clearly described in supporting documentation to the application. It is not sufficient merely to state that there has been an error or an injustice.

(8) A separate application must be lodged for each subject

Consideration of Review of Grade Applications

(9) There will be a preliminary review of applications to determine whether they conform with requirements (e.g., include required evidence).

(10) Valid review of grade applications will be provided to the Subject Coordinator for review.

(11) The Subject Coordinator will review the applications and provide a written response to the grounds for the review of grade outlined by the student.

(12) The Dean or the Dean's nominee will consider the student's application and the response from the Subject Coordinator and determine whether the grade should be changed.

(13) Where a Subject Coordinator has not provided a written response to an application within ten (10) working days, the Director, Academic Program (DAP) and Deputy Dean will be notified and may nominate another academic staff member involved in the teaching of the subject to review the application.

(14) If the Dean of School, Director of a Research Institute, or their nominee has been involved in teaching a subject that is the focus of a review application, another eligible nominee who has not been involved in the teaching of the subject will consider and determine the application.

Outcomes of Review Applications

(15) Students will be advised of the outcome of their review of grade application via their University student email account within one week of the delegated authority making the decision.

(16) Students may appeal a review of grade outcome under the Academic Appeals Procedures.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(17) Supporting documentation webpage.