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Review of Grade Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) There may be instances where a student believes that their final grade in a unit does not correctly reflect their performance against the criteria. Students may choose to informally discuss their concern with the academic responsible for the unit. Where the informal approach is not appropriate, or the student wishes to take the matter further, this policy provides a process for a more formal application for a Review of Grade.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(2) For the purpose of this policy:

  1. Review of Grade - means an appeal by a student against the final grade issued at the end of a teaching session.
  2. Dean - means the Dean of the school that teaches the unit that is the subject of the review of grade application or Director of a University Research Institute or Director or Academic Director at a partner provider.
  3. Director, Academic Program includes the Director, Academic Program for online courses.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

Review of Grade

(3) This policy applies to all units offered by the University in both award and non-award enrolments, but does not apply to continuing education studies (short course or modular units).

(4) The review will be of the final grade issued at the end of a teaching session.

(5) A student may apply for a review of grade provided the student has completed all the essential assessment requirements set down in the unit outline / learning guide issued at the commencement of instruction of the unit.

(6) A grade cannot be reviewed where the grade awarded is the outcome of a determination under the Student Misconduct Rule.

(7) There will be a prescribed charge for a review of a passing grade.

(8) The formal review of grade(s) will be undertaken within the academic unit responsible for teaching that unit.

Grounds for Review of Grade Application

(9) A student may apply for a review of a final grade where:

  1. the Unit Coordinator did not provide a unit outline/learning guide as required;
  2. the assessment requirements as specified in the unit outline/learning guide were varied in an unreasonable way;
  3. assessment requirements specified in the unit outline/learning guide were unreasonably or prejudicially applied to the candidate;
  4. a student is of the view that a clerical error has occurred in the computation of the grade;
  5. due regard has not been paid to the evidence of illness or misadventure (that was previously provided to the University, as part of an application for Special Consideration.)
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Section 4 - Procedures

Applying for a Review of Grade

(10) Students seeking review of individual items of assessment should, in the first instance, approach the academic staff member responsible for the marking of that assessment item. Where, after such discussion, the student believes an error persists or the result is not a fair reflection of the student's work, the student may apply for review at the end of the session following notification of the final grade.

(11) An application for review of grade must be lodged, in the appropriate published format, together with the prescribed charge (if appealing against a passing grade), within ten working days of the official notification of results on the web.

(12) The grounds for the application for review of grade(s) must be clearly described in supporting documentation to the application. It is not sufficient merely to state that there has been an error or an injustice.

(13) A separate application must be lodged for each unit. A separate fee must be paid for each unit. The charge will be refunded to any student whose application is successful.

Consideration of Review of Grade Applications

(14) An application for a Review of Grade will be rejected when one or more of the following apply:

  1. the student’s grade for that unit has been the subject of a determination under the Student Misconduct Rule;
  2. no grounds as per this Policy are stated in the application for review of grade(s);
  3. grounds exist to review the grade, but such a review, if conducted, would not result in any alteration of the grade; or
  4. the student has not completed all essential requirements of the unit (except in some cases of special consideration).

(15) The Unit Coordinator will provide a written response to the grounds for the review of grade outlined by the student.

(16) The Dean or the Dean's nominee will consider the student's application and the response from the Unit Coordinator and determine whether the grade should be changed.

(17) If the Dean, Director or their nominee has been involved in teaching a unit which is the subject of a review application, another eligible nominee who has not been involved in the teaching of the unit will consider and determine the application.

Outcomes of Review Applications

(18) Where a student's review of grade results in a change of grade, the prescribed charge (if applicable) will be refunded.

(19) Where an application for a review of grade is rejected, or does not result in a change of grade, the student will be advised, via their University student email account normally within one week after the decision, of the reason for the outcome and will not be entitled to a refund of any prescribed charge paid.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(20) Refer to the Academic Appeals Procedures for standard appeal provisions regarding a breach of procedural fairness.