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Charter of Academic Freedom

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Western Sydney University affirms its fundamental responsibility to promote free and open intellectual inquiry in all areas of scholarship in accordance with its mission. Furthermore, the University is committed to ensuring all members of its scholarly community, inclusive of academic staff, adjunct and visiting fellows, and students, have the opportunity to freely inquire, discuss and challenge ideas.
The success of the University and the Western Sydney region is dependent on the ability of scholars to pursue knowledge for its own sake, to debate and deliberate freely through informed discussions and to protect these rights within the academy. These freedoms are to be exercised responsibly and with tolerance in accordance with the law and the obligations, codes and policies of the University.
The University, consistent with its mission, values and beliefs, asserts the freedom of its scholars to:
  1. Freely pursue knowledge in accordance with both ethical and legal standards.
  2. Foster principled and informed open debate on all aspects of knowledge and society.
  3. Disseminate research through scholarship and public discourse.
This Charter was endorsed by Senate on October 18, 2019.