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Cadaver Allowance Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) The purpose of this policy is to provide for the payment of a Cadaver Allowance to professional staff of the School of Science and Health and the School of Medicine whose job description predominately relates to the handling of cadaveric materials.

(2) Cadaver Allowances are paid to staff undertaking comparative work at the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) Nil.

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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(4) The University recognises the importance of ensuring that cadavers and cadaveric materials are handled in an appropriate manner to meet legal, public health and ethical standards. This policy acknowledges that professional staff in the School of Science and Health and the School of Medicine, who are required to deal with the confronting and physical nature of the duties associated with cadaveric materials, should receive an appropriate allowance.

(5) Payment of a Cadaver Allowance will be made to professional staff within these schools who possess the necessary prosection and embalming skills and experience. The staff member may be required to produce evidence of their prosection and embalming qualifications, skills and experience prior to approval of the allowance payment.

(6) The Cadaver Allowance will be paid to identified and eligible full time, part time or casual staff through the University Payroll as part of normal fortnightly salary arrangements. The Cadaver Allowance will be paid on a pro rata basis for those not employed full time. Cadaver Allowances where paid are superable and continue to be paid for all forms of approved leave.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(7) Payment of a Cadaver Allowance is made on an individual staff basis in the light of the nature and extent of the requirement for the staff member to handle cadaveric materials as determined by the Dean, School of Medicine or the Dean, School of Science and Health as appropriate.

(8) The rate for the Cadaveric Allowance payment is set at $1954.57 per annum but may be adjusted by the Executive Director, Human Resources in line with any future movements in allowance levels at comparative institutions in order to maintain competitiveness; or with increases as per Staff Agreements.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(9) Nil.