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Mobile Telecommunication Devices Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) The Mobile Telecommunication Devices Policy (‘Policy’) details Western Sydney University's (‘the University’) provision of Mobile Phone Allowances and the supply and use of Telecommunication Devices.

(2) This Policy must be read in conjunction with the Mobile Telecommunication Device and Allowance Process, as well as all documents listed in Section 5 of this Policy.

(3) This policy and associated documents applies to all University Staff.

(4) Some Staff may be eligible for a University Provided Device or a fortnightly Mobile Phone allowance if they satisfy the required criteria.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(5) The following definitions apply for the purpose of this policy:

  1. Approving Officer - Category 6 level delegation or above.
  2. Carrier - provider of networked communications, telephony, data services, and devices.
  3. Core Business Hours – whilst on duty, and in accordance with the applicable University Staff Agreement.
  4. Eligible Staff Member (‘Staff’) – Staff that are authorised under this Policy to be provided with a University Provided Device or Mobile Phone Allowance.
  5. Mobile Phone Allowance - a sum provided to eligible staff as compensation for the cost of University related calls and data usage on their personally owned mobile phone service (where they make the service available for University business).
  6. Non-standard Services - services the University does not normally provide, including international roaming, international direct dialling, conference calls.
  7. Personal Usage – phone calls or data usage charges unrelated to University business.
  8. SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) - card inserted into the device to connect to a carrier's network.
  9. Telecommunication Device (‘Device’) – mobile devices and other hardware enabling the exchange of communication or information, and connected to a carrier, i.e. mobile handsets, dongles or SIM only.
  10. The University – Western Sydney University.
  11. University Provided Device – University owned Mobile Telecommunication Devices provided to eligible staff.
  12. University Provided Mobile Phone – University owned Mobile Phones provided to eligible staff.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

Part A - Eligibility and Conditions

(6) The University acknowledges that in some cases Staff may require access to Telecommunication Devices in order to adequately perform their roles.

University Provided Mobile Phones

(7) The following roles meet the criteria for the allocation of a University Provided Mobile Phone:

  1. Vice-Chancellor and President, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Vice-Presidents and Deans.

(8) An exemption may be made if a justified business case is submitted and approved by the Vice-President, Finance and Digital Services, or delegate in accordance with this Policy.

University Provided Devices (Excluding Mobile Phones)

(9) Excluding University Provided Mobile Phones, staff are able to apply for the provision of other University Provided Devices, but only if there is a justified business reason for doing so.

Mobile Phone Allowance

(10) In some cases, the University may authorise a Mobile Phone Allowance to be provided, but only if there is a justified business reason for doing so. 

(11) In general, the following criteria must be met in addition to any specific justifications:

  1. Level 1 Allowance
    1. Front line support services that are required to be available/on call in order to adequately support the performance of their critical services to the University (these positions must be pre-approved by the Vice-President, Finance and Digital Services or delegate in accordance with this Policy).
  2. Level 2 Allowance
    1. Senior staff; or
    2. Likelihood that greater than 50% of the Mobile Phone usage is for University purposes.


(12) Procurement Services, in conjunction with Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS), manages all University Provided Devices, and such purchases are considered a Restricted Category in accordance with the Procurement Policy and Corporate Credit Card Policy.

(13) The relevant cost centre of the Eligible Staff Member’s business unit is responsible for all costs related to Mobile Phone Allowances and University Provided Devices.

(14) University Provided Devices, SIM cards and related accessories purchased by the University remain University property regardless of the funding source.

(15) University Provided Device users and Mobile Phone Allowance recipients must have their mobile phone number published in the University Staff Directory.

(16) The University captures usage and call details for all University Provided Devices in accordance with the Workplace Surveillance Policy.

(17) University Provided Mobile Phone users and Mobile Phone Allowance recipients are expected to carry the applicable mobile phone on their person and must be contactable during core business hours, and at any other times as agreed with their supervisor.

(18) If a University Provided Device user or Mobile Phone Allowance recipient transfers to another position, their eligibility under this Policy must be approved.

(19) Breaches of this or related policies/procedures may result in the removal of a University Provided Device, the withdrawal of a Mobile Phone Allowance, and/or employee disciplinary action.

Part B - International Charges/Roaming

(20) University Provided Devices will not be supplied with International Roaming activated. Activation is subject to approval in line with the requirements of the University Travel Policy and Travel Procedures.

(21) University travellers are encouraged not to use hotel telephones as they are excessively surcharged in comparison to normal communication costs.

(22) Virtual communication arrangements should be utilised, e.g. Zoom, Skype, etc. unless in the case of an emergency.

(23) Mobile Phone Allowances are assumed to cover University related telecommunication costs. If international costs are incurred, then a claim for reimbursement may be made if the following criteria have been met:

  1. The costs were pre-approved by the relevant Category 6 delegate prior to being incurred in line with the University Delegations of Authority Policy, Travel Policy and Travel Procedures document; and
  2. The specific costs being claimed can be clearly identified on the telecommunication invoice, including day rates that are commonly available from Carriers.

Part C - University Provided Device Usage

(24) Users of University Provided Devices must:

  1. Abide by all local laws relating to the use of mobile telecommunication devices and are liable for any fines received by deviating from these laws;
  2. Comply with the Acceptable Use of Digital Services Policy, Email and Internet Policy, and Cyber Security Policy;
  3. Immediately report lost/stolen devices to the carrier's help desk and ITDS;
  4. Check their account for accuracy and report any errors;
  5. Return devices in accordance with University processes;
  6. Keep the device secure and protected from loss, damage or theft; and
  7. Establish and maintain a secure device password/security code.

(25) To ensure the proper use of devices, users must:

  1. Limit call and data usage to that necessary for effective business;
  2. Keep calls and usage within the tolerance of the plan;
  3. Reimburse the University for all personal usage charges at least once per quarter in accordance with University processes; and
  4. Reimburse the University for costs of non-business premium or subscription services, or chargeable downloads (e.g. apps, app stores, ring tone services, competitions, 1900 calls, etc.).

(26) Users should refer disputes regarding legitimate uses to the relevant Approving Officer.

(27) University Provided Devices are not to be transferred between Staff members without prior approval via the approved University processes.

Part D - Mobile Phones Allowances Recipients

(28) The Staff member must retain an active mobile phone contract as long as an allowance is in place.

(29) The Staff member must provide the University with their current mobile phone number and immediately notify their line manager if the number changes.

(30) Staff receiving Mobile Phone Allowances are expected to carry their personal mobile phone on their person and must be contactable during core business hours, and at any other times as agreed with their supervisor.

(31) Staff may choose the mobile phone carrier and plan design of their choice.

(32) Use of the mobile phone deviating from local, state or federal laws will constitute misuse and will result in immediate termination of the Mobile Phone Allowance.

(33) The Staff member is responsible for all costs related to the commissioning of any related services, any changes to the service, any damage to their device, any charges related to cancellation and any other related costs.

(34) No further reimbursements for any other costs related to mobile phones are available to Staff who receive a Mobile Phone Allowance, except for pre-approved international roaming costs.

(35) The University's Privacy Policy and Records and Archives Management Policy must be complied with at all times and devices must be secured with a passcode to ensure the security of all University information.

Part E - Regular Review

(36) Procurement Services will undertake regular reviews to ensure compliance with this Policy.

(37) Staff that are provided with a University Provided Device or Mobile Phone Allowance are required to cooperate in a timely manner with all requests for information.

Part F - Procurement of University Provided Telecommunication Devices

(38) Procurement of Telecommunication Devices is classified as a Restricted Item as outlined in the Procurement Policy and must not be conducted otherwise.

(39) Unauthorised staff must not enter into any communications plan on behalf of the University. Such plans will be cancelled and the carrier will recover costs from the person who entered into the plan.

Part G - Termination of Employment

(40) Staff who leave the employment of the University must:

  1. Return any University Provided Device, all accessories, documentation and SIM cards in accordance with the required process prior to finishing work with the University; and
  2. Pay all outstanding personal charges (if applicable).

(41) It is the responsibility of the Staff member’s line manager/supervisor to ensure all assets are recovered before the staff member leaves the University.

(42) If a Staff member does not return a University Provided Device on leaving the University's employment, the University will lock the device and the staff member will be liable for any outstanding charges incurred.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(43) All procedural tasks are detailed within the related Mobile Telecommunication Device and Allowance Process.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(44) This Policy must be read in conjunction with University policies and documentation, including:

  1. Acceptable Use of Digital Services Policy;
  2. Corporate Credit Card Policy;
  3. Cyber Security Policy;
  4. Delegations of Authority Policy;
  5. Email and Internet Policy;
  6. Privacy Policy;
  7. Procurement Policy;
  8. Records and Archives Management Policy;
  9. Travel Policy;
  10. Workplace Surveillance Policy; and
  11. Relevant knowledge articles in the MYIT Portal.