Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for the relevant Unit Head and document author and, on the right, a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

External Advisory Committee Procedures

Status Current
Effective Date 17th February 2017
Review Date 17th October 2019
Approval Authority Academic Senate
Approval Date 16th February 2017
Expiry Date To Be Advised
Unit Head Simon Barrie
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning Transformations
Author Deirdre Lee
Manager, Reviews
Enquiries Contact Gillian Brown
Executive Officer, Academic Policy and Committees

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

The policy clauses have been deleted because they were considered to be procedural.

Clauses 6 to 9 clarify the Committee's functions.

Clause 11 now includes the Deputy Dean.

New clause 13 clarifies the role in relation to continuing courses and accreditation requirements.

The Procedures have been streamlined and will be linked to the Courses and Units Approval Policy.

Clause 15 contains the titles of the student surveys and these have been updated since the document that was considered by Senate.

Clauses Amended

Procedure: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

Guidelines: 15