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Student Code of Conduct

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) The University is a diverse and open society of students, staff, and community. Students are a fundamental part of the University and student participation is important. This code aims to provide a simple and clear statement of expectations related to student conduct in academic work and inter-personal relationships when at university.

(2) It applies to all students when attending University premises or participating in activities off university premises as part of their formal enrolment with the University.

(3) It is expected that as a student you will:

  1. Treat others with fairness, respect and courtesy and act in a manner that is not threatening, harassing or intimidating or likely to jeopardise the safety of others.
  2. Familiarise yourself with University policies and procedures pertaining to your rights and responsibilities as a student.
  3. Take responsibility for your own learning in the context that learning is the outcome of a collaborative partnership between teachers and students.
  4. Know the requirements of your course and progression rules and seek timely advice and assistance from University services, as required, to maximise successful progress.
  5. Act honestly and ethically in the production of all academic work and assessment tasks. Give recognition to any direct quotes used from other authors or to those authors whose work has made an intellectual contribution to the contents of your work. Acknowledge shared ownership of ideas in group projects or assessment tasks.
  6. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others, particularly in situations of group work, electronic or other communications and in the use of personal information gathered as part of an academic piece of work or research.
  7. Comply with any requirements and standards of use of University services such as the Library, Information Technology Laboratories and other facilities or property, using those services in an appropriate manner that does not adversely affect their operation or the rights of other users.
  8. Not use mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players and the like in lectures, classes, or formal learning and study spaces except with the consent of the lecturer, as part of the teaching content of the Unit, or in emergency situations and then with the least disruption to other students and staff.
  9. Maintain effective communication with the University by providing up to date information on yourself via MyStudentRecord (MySR), observing key dates and deadlines and reading and responding to official correspondence from the University.
  10. Accept reasonable direction from University staff members and 'when requested' identify yourself.

(4) Proof of Identity :

  1. Once enrolled at the University, all students are issued with a Student ID card for identification purposes while on campus and in examinations. The Student ID card is also used for Library and photocopier services and accessing IT services. Student ID cards can be obtained from any University Student Central following an identity check.
  2. Students must carry their Student ID card with them at all times while on campus and produce it when required as proof of identity.

(5) Breaches of University policies, procedures and guidelines, including this code are addressed in the Student Misconduct Rule.