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Motor Vehicle Policy

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) Western Sydney University has a sizeable motor vehicle fleet and it is important the vehicles are appropriately managed and maintained.

(2) This policy sets out the University's requirements for the purchase and use of University vehicles.

(3) The policy applies to all staff and authorised postgraduate students involved in University business.

(4) The policy should be read in conjunction with the Salary Sacrifice (Vehicles) Policy, Procurement Policy, Motor Vehicle - Private Vehicle Use Reimbursement Policy, Charge-Out of Expenditure Policy, Corporate Credit Card Policy, Delegations of Authority Policy, and other relevant polices, including the Code of Conduct, Health Safety and Wellbeing Procedures - Alcohol and Drug Control and Smoke-Free Environment Policy.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(5) For the purposes of this policy:

  1. Business Use Vehicle means a University vehicle that is not a Private/Business Use Vehicle.
  2. Corporate Credit Card means a University credit card issued to a staff member under the Corporate Credit Card Policy.
  3. Private/Business Use Vehicle means a University vehicle provided to a staff member under the Salary Sacrifice (Vehicles) Policy.
  4. Requisitioning Centre means the unit or cost centre to which a vehicle will be cost allocated.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

(6) The University provides vehicles to assist staff to carry out University business.

(7) The University manages its fleet so as to minimise costs to the organisation.

(8) Drivers of University vehicles must comply with all relevant legislation and University policies, and drive in a safe and considerate manner.

(9) University vehicles must be maintained in a clean, safe and roadworthy condition.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(10) University staff and authorised postgraduate students must comply with the following procedures to implement the policy.

Part A - Purchase of Vehicles

(11) Only the Procurement Services may place orders for the purchase of University vehicles and arrange disposal of those vehicles.

(12) A requisitioning centre may request a vehicle purchase or disposal by completing Form V1 - Vehicle Requisition - Business Use Only Vehicle.

(13) The requisitioning centre must forward Form V1 to the Procurement Unit for procurement action. 

(14) Requisitioning centres should allow a lead time for process, order and delivery of motor vehicle acquisitions in their change-over planning.

Business Use Vehicles

(15) Business Use Vehicles:

  1. are from a standardised range of vehicles;
  2. are automatic;
  3. may include a tow bar and wiring, as the only optional extra, where required for business use and where approved; and
  4. may cover a range of uses such as general passenger vehicles, vans, utilities, twin-cabs or trucks.

(16) The Procurement Services will approve the purchase of Business Use Vehicles taking into account the relevant leasing costs. Staff may obtain information on appropriate vehicles from the Procurement Services.

(17) Where a specialist vehicle or equipment is required the requisitioning centre should consult the Procurement Services as to suitable options based on the unit/cost centre's business use requirements.

(18) Business Use Vehicles cannot be used for Private Use.

Part B - Fuel Cards and Purchases

(19) The University will issue fuel cards with all Business Use Vehicles.

(20) Staff must purchase fuel for Business Use Vehicles using a fuel card, and may not use a corporate credit card except during any change-over of a vehicle where fuel cards are not available.

(21) The only costs staff may charge to fuel cards are:

  1. petrol or Diesel (fuel type and grade as per manufacturers specifications); and
  2. oil.

(22) Staff must not use fuel cards for:

  1. personal expenditure; or
  2. purchasing fuel for a vehicle other than the one recorded on the card.

(23) Cardholders must quote and have recorded the vehicle kilometre reading at the time of each fuel purchase so the University can monitor vehicle fuel consumption.

(24) Where a fuel card is lost, the relevant staff member or their requisitioning centre must immediately notify the Procurement Services which will arrange for the cancellation and issue of a replacement card.

Part C - 'Change-Over' of Vehicles

(25) The Procurement Services will determine the lease term of vehicles so as to minimise lease and operating costs.

(26) The requisitioning centre should complete and submit Form V1 to the Procurement Services when the vehicle is three-quarters through the lease term to trigger replacement.

Part D - Parking and Traffic Fines

(27) Staff who incur parking and traffic fines while using a Business Use Vehicle are personally responsible for paying the fine amounts and may not charge the amount to a corporate credit card or a cost centre account.

(28) The controlling staff member of a Private/Business Use Vehicle is responsible for any fines issued in relation to their vehicle unless they identify another person who was the driver at the time of the offence.

(29) The University will arrange to transfer all fine notices to the driver/controlling staff member for settlement using address and licence details held in University IT systems to notify the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO), Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) or NSW Police of the driver of the vehicle where an infringement or incident occurs during the booking period.

Part E - Authorised Drivers

(30) Only a driver holding a licence which is valid and appropriate to the vehicle may operate a Business Use Vehicle (unit/cost centre and Fleet). A valid licence includes an Australian drivers licence, or an international or other licence recognised and accepted by Roads and Maritime Services. These vehicles will only be driven by University staff or authorised postgraduate students involved in University business.

Part F - Overnight Access (Other than Travel Involving Overnight Absence Away from Home) of Business Use Vehicles

(31) All overnight access of Business Use Vehicles by staff where the vehicle is garaged at or close to the staff member's home incurs a Private Use Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) obligation, whether or not the vehicle is actually used for any private purpose.

(32) To book Business Use Vehicles involving overnight and/or weekend access, the line manager:

  1. must approve the staff member's booking using the vehicle pool booking system; and
  2. may grant such approval only where it is unreasonable to require the staff member to collect the vehicle from or return the vehicle to its normal University location.

(33) Unless the line manager approves, a staff member or authorised post-graduate student cannot use a Business Use Vehicle for private use when overnight access is granted.

Part G - Log Sheets and Charge-Outs

(34) All staff must use the University's vehicle pool booking system to use a Business Use Vehicle.

(35) The unit/cost centre that books a Business Use Vehicle will incur a cost recovery charge-out, based on the rate provided in the Charge-Out of Expenditure Policy, where the vehicle is used by a staff member from another unit/cost centre.

Part H - Reporting Damage, Accidents and Theft

(36) Where a University vehicle is damaged and/or involved in an accident, the driver must:

  1. complete and submit an Accident Report Form to the Accountant, Tax and Insurance; and
  2. ensure the vehicle is delivered to a designated repairer for inspection and repair.

(37) Where possible, the University will provide a replacement vehicle for a vehicle that is under repair.

(38) Where a University vehicle is stolen, the controlling staff member or student must report the theft immediately to Campus Safety and Security and the Procurement Services.

Part I - Services/Maintenance

(39) The controlling staff member of a University vehicle is responsible for ensuring the vehicle is serviced in line with manufacturer-recommended schedules, including booking services with an authorised dealer or service agent, and delivering and collecting the vehicle from the service.

(40) All regular service charges for leased vehicles are included in the monthly lease payment. For non-leased vehicles, staff should arrange for the University to be invoiced for service charges or may charge the amount to a corporate credit card.

(41) Vehicle holders are not to arrange repairs to a University vehicle without prior consultation with, and approval of, the Procurement Services.

Part J - Vehicle Pools/Fleet Vehicles

Pool Vehicle Bookings

(42) The University has a limited number of fleet vehicles for business use on each campus on a pre-booked basis.

(43) Staff and authorised postgraduate students may only use pool vehicles that are booked using the University vehicle pool booking system.

(44) When booking a pool vehicle, staff and authorised postgraduate students must:

  1. in the first instance, book a vehicle from their unit's or cost centre's dedicated pool, if any, or from the general pool where a vehicle is not available from their unit's pool; and
  2. nominate collection and return times.

(45) When using a pool vehicle, staff and authorised postgraduate students must:

  1. familiarise themselves with the vehicle's features before driving;
  2. make every effort to return the vehicle by the nominated return time as late returns inconvenience subsequent bookings and may incur a penalty charge;
  3. use a fuel card to refuel the vehicle before returning it to the pool where the fuel indicator shows a level below one-quarter, as the Procurement Services will:
    1. impose a surcharge to the using staff member's unit/cost centre for vehicles returned with fuel levels well below one-quarter; and
    2. report all surcharges to the unit/cost centre manager.

(46) Where pool vehicles are unavailable, a staff member's line manager may authorise the staff member to utilise their own vehicle and must provide that authorisation in advance of such use.

(47) The University is unable to guarantee the availability of a pool vehicle on all occasions as vehicles are allocated on a 'first booked' basis.

(48) Units/cost centres will be automatically subject to a penalty charge where staff do not cancel or collect the vehicle.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(49) Nil.