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Environmental Management System Manual

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Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) The Environmental Management System Manual (EMSM) provides an overview of the structure of the University's Environmental Management System (EMS) and key related documents. The EMSM also outlines the responsibilities for implementation and oversight of the EMS.

(2) The Environmental Management System Manual is currently available in portable document format (PDF).

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Section 2 - Definitions

(3) The terms most commonly used within the EMS are defined both within the Environmental Management Policy and The Environmental Management Procedures documentation.

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Section 3 - Policy Reference

(4) Refer to the University's Environmental Management Policy.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(5) Procedures of the EMS are located within the Environmental Management Systems Procedures (EMSP).

(6) The implementation of the EMS is located within the Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(7) Detailed information in relation to environmental risks and legal obligations are documented within the Environmental Risk Register and Environmental Legal Register.