Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for the relevant Unit Head and document author and, on the right, a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

Doctorate Policy

Status Current
Effective Date 22nd June 2016
Review Date 22nd February 2018
Approval Authority Academic Senate
Approval Date 17th June 2016
Expiry Date To Be Advised
Unit Head Kevin Dunn
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Graduate Studies
Enquiries Contact Kevin Dunn
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Graduate Studies

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

1 November 2018 – References to the expired document ‘Research Higher Degree Appeals Policy’ deleted and replaced by an associated document ‘Research Higher Degree Appeals Guidelines’.

28 February 2018 – Update references to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which has changed to the Department of Home Affairs.

4 August 2017 – Policy amended to reflect the position and unit title change of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Research and Development to ‘Research, Engagement, Development and International ‘.

8 July 2016 - policy amended to reflect the official name change of the University concurrent with the change to the University's Act and By-Law.

The introduction of PhDs with named discipline areas in clause 2 and the amendment of clause 154 to allow for the recommendation, where appropriate, of examiners for any additional work described in the outcome options to apply to creative components a well as the critical exegesis.

Clause 9 updated so as to reference that the Research Studies Committee may approve the application with reference to compliance for Australian Autonomous Sanctions

Clauses Amended

Policy: 2, 9

Guidelines: 154