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Library Collections Access Policy

Section 1 - Purpose and Context

(1) The purpose of the Library Collections Access Policy is to ensure equity in access to and availability of library collections across the University.

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Section 2 - Definitions

(2) For the purposes of this policy, definitions that apply can be found in the Policy DDS Glossary, in addition to the following:

  1. Authorised user: means those eligible for Library Membership (defined in Section 3).
  2. Open Educational Resources (OER): means freely available educational material that the author has licensed, often under a Creative Commons licence, others to re-use and adapt.
  3. Overdue items: means physical items not returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  4. Third Party Providers: means formal Third Party Providers as per the Third Party Provider Policy.
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Section 3 - Policy Statement

Part A - Membership

(3) The categories of library membership are:

Eligible Membership Categories Category Definitions
University students currently enrolled in Bachelor's degrees (including those requiring graduate entry), Western Sydney University - The College students, and students in all non-award programs offered by the University where such programs are not offered under Registered Training Organization (RTO).
University students currently enrolled in Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Undergraduate Honours, Masters and Doctoral degrees offered by the University.
Students enrolled in a University program taught by a Third Party Provider.
Eligibility determined per provider by enrolment status.
All current fulltime and part time Western Sydney University staff.
University Board of Trustees
All non-staff members of the University's Board of Trustees
University Honorary Appointments
All persons currently in University Honorary Appointments
Staff teaching under Third Party Provider agreements, including educational designers
Alumni University graduates and ex-staff registered for library privileges with Gradlife.
Reciprocal Agreement borrowers Any current student or staff eligible under ULANZ, or other reciprocal agreements to which the University Library is a party.
Annual membership *Membership fee may apply*.
Community and Corporate borrower Members of the public, learners in a Western Sydney University micro credential course, and Western Sydney University industry placement providers.
Annual membership *Membership fee may apply*.
School membership Registered year 11 and 12 School students. Annual membership*

(4) Criteria for Library Membership: See Schedule A - Membership Categories, published on the Library website.

(5) Library Membership criteria and conditions are determined by the Executive Director, Library Services.

Part B - Loan Conditions


(6) As a condition of entry to Library spaces, all clients agree to confirm their identity.

(7) Acceptable identification documents include a current, valid staff/student identification card, GradLife membership, library-issued membership card, or a current official photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s licence.

(8) All clients are required to demonstrate Library Membership to confirm borrowing capability.

(9) Acceptable Library Membership identification documents include a current, valid staff/student identification card, GradLife membership or library-issued membership card.

(10) Special exemption may be granted by the Executive Director, Library Services or authorised delegate.

(11) Library members are responsible for all items charged against their record, unless the loss or theft of their card had been reported to the Library prior to the items being borrowed.

(12) Loss or theft of Western Sydney University ID cards must be immediately reported to Campus Safety and Security and the Library.

Loan Periods, Limits and Renewals

Electronic Resources

(13) Online material loan periods are displayed at the time of borrowing. Loan periods are governed by the licenced vendor.

Physical Items

(14) The number of items which can be borrowed, and loan periods are contained in Schedule B - Loan Conditions available in the Guidelines Section and published on the Library website.

(15) Loan Conditions are determined by the Executive Director, Library Services.

(16) All Standard Loan items, with the exception of the below,are automatically renewed every 14 days up to a maximum of 365 days, or to the end of the membership period, upon which date they must be returned to the Library:

  1. Item has been requested by another library member
  2. Item is overdue
  3. Client has other overdue items
  4. Client has a Library Hold on their University Student record
  5. Client does not have a current membership

(17) Reserve items cannot be renewed and will need to be returned at end of the loan period (see Loan Conditions for more information).


(18) All Standard Loan items available for loan may be requested by eligible library members.

(19) Requests from other library members prevents automatic renewal and the item must be returned by the due date.

(20) Requests/holds on titles are valid for 84 calendar days from the time of request. Items will be held for pick up at the nominated campus Library for a maximum of 7 calendar days prior to their return to the collections.


(21) When an item is borrowed, the client assumes full responsibility for the item, including monitoring their My Library account via the Library website and the return of the item on time. The Library does not take responsibility for the non-receipt of courtesy notices.

(22) Notices are sent to University email addresses or to the nominated email address for non-Western Sydney University clients.

(23) Failure to receive notices does not constitute the basis for waiving charges and penalties.

(24) The following notices are sent:

  1. Due date notice: three calendar days prior to item due date. Item required to be returned to avoid penalities
  2. Borrowing activity letter: first week of every month
  3. Lost loan notification: 28 days after the due date
  4. Requested item notification: when item is available at the pick-up location

Part C - Services

Requests and Intercampus Loans

(25) Items located at another Western Sydney University Campus may be requested for Inter-Campus delivery, subject to loan conditions.

Inter-Library Loans (Document Delivery)

(26) Document Delivery services are available to Staff and Postgraduate Student library members.

(27) Loan periods and conditions vary depending on the policies of the lending institution.

(28) Late fees and replacement costs, are set by the lending library and are applied in instances where Document Delivery loans are returned late, lost or damaged.

Part D - Reserve Collection

Campus Reserve Collections

(29) Electronic/digital format of material, particularly Open Educational Resources, is the preferred method of providing access to high demand reading list items. This recognises the multi-campus operating environment of the University as well as its strategic direction.

(30) In recognition that not all reading list items are available electronically, University campus libraries maintain a small Reserve Collection for material anticipated to be in high demand.

(31) Reserve collections include books and other items from the Library collections and in exceptional circumstances personal copies of academic work.

(32) Only current Western Sydney University student and staff library members are eligible to borrow Reserve collection items.

(33) As Reserve collection items are by nature in high demand they are subject to shorter lending and penalty periods (see Loan Conditions section).

Part E - Overdue Items: Suspension of Privileges

(34) Borrowing privileges are suspended when items become overdue and remain suspended until all overdue items are returned and any required charges paid.

Part F - Lost and Damaged Items and Replacement

(35) Clients who damage or fail to return items incur replacement and processing charges which are determined by the Executive Director, Library Services (see Blocks, Charges and Holds)

(36) Acceptance of a replacement item will be considered on a case by case basis.

(37) Lost or damaged items must be replaced with an identical copy in good condition of same or newer edition.

(38) Replacing a lost/damaged item incurs a non-refundable processing charge (see Blocks, Charges and Holds).

(39) Should lost items subsequently be found charges are not subject to reimbursement.

Part G - Reciprocal Borrowing Arrangements

(40) The University Library participates in the ULANZ (University Library Australia and New Zealand) borrowing scheme that allows staff and students from participating member universities to obtain borrowing privileges from other participating university libraries. Students and staff in good standing (i.e., currently enrolled with no outstanding loans or late fees) are eligible to register with other university participants in these agreements. All fees, charges and levies associated with such registrations are to be met by the client.

Part H - Blocks, Charges and Holds

Standard Loans

(41) When an item is overdue, the client is blocked from borrowing and renewal activities until the overdue item is returned.

(42) Standard Items are deemed lost if not returned by 28 days after the due date and a lost charge is applied per item. The charge may be waived in exceptional circumstances, if the item is returned within 55 days of the due date.

(43) When items are 56 days overdue a Hold status may be placed on the University Student member’s record, leading to the withholding of examination results, academic transcripts and graduation until items are returned and/or outstanding lost item charges are paid in full.

(44) Lost charges can only be waived by the Executive Director, Library Services or nominee.

Reserve Collection Loans

(45) When a Reserve Collection item is overdue, the client is blocked from borrowing and renewal activities until the overdue item is returned.

(46) If a Reserve item is not returned within 24 hours of the due date a lost charge per item is applied.

(47) The charge may be waived when the item is returned.

(48) When Reserve items are 7 days overdue a Hold status will be placed on the University Student member’s record, leading to the withholding of examination results, academic transcripts and graduation until items are returned and/or outstanding charges are paid in full.

(49) The charges can only be waived by the Executive Director, Library Services or nominee.

Lost and Damaged Items

(50) A standard $125 charge is applied per item.

(51) This fee can be varied depending on the replacement cost of the item.


(52) Acceptance of a replacement for a lost or damaged item  will be considered on a case by case basis.

(53) A replacement must be an identical copy in good condition of same or newer edition.

(54) Replacing a missing or damaged item incurs a non- refundable $25 processing charge.


(55) The Executive Director, Library Services, or delegate, may, in particular circumstances, (e.g. substantiated illness or misadventure) waive any charges.

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Section 4 - Procedures

(56) Nil.

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Section 5 - Guidelines

(57) Refer to the following Schedules:

  1. Schedule A - Membership Categories
  2. Schedule B - Loan Conditions